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Heather Mills - Hair Stylist

Meet Your New Favorite Hair Stylist

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Hi! I’m Heather Mills. I am a Hair Stylist and Colorist with 24 years of experience and for the first time in my career I am bringing my services directly to you. I’ve always had a passion for working in the hair industry where I not only get to meet incredibly interesting people, but I provide a service that can elevate someone’s day simply by giving a new hair cut or color.  

I love to modernize haircuts for men, women, and children while carefully recognizing the individual’s personality and day-to-day living. 

I take that same objective when I color hair. Whether you’re looking for fun bright fashionable colors, beautiful sun kissed natural highlights, covering those pesky grays, or a bold look as a platinum blonde, I can work with you and your hair. I will maintain your vision while maintaining your hair’s healthiest condition.

Working in Park Slope, Brooklyn, for most of my career fulfilled a love and appreciation for a small community. The bond I experience with the special residents throughout the years grew into a level of loyalty I thoroughly treasure and honor.

These are challenging times and I understand the need for change in such times. For that reason, I have been making house calls in the comfort and safety of clients' homes, administering Haircut and Hair Color Services (including single process, highlights, gloss treatments, Balayage, and Ombre). I am extremely cautious in adhering to safety protocol, always wearing a mask, gloves, and thoroughly sanitizing after each client. 

If this service interests you, contact me to schedule an appointment. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your hair! 

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Professional Services

What I Have to Offer

*Note, a $25 travel fee applies for all house calls


Woman's Haircut


Need a new look, fresh style, or simply a cleanup? I’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve got curly thick hair, straight thin hair, or a mix of something in between, I know how to deliver your new, gorgeous look.

Men's Haircut


Looking for a cut that really sets you apart from the rest? Look no further! From your bi-weekly touch-up to a completely new style, you'll be looking your very best.


Color Services

Single Process:  $100+

Hi-lights:  $130+

Balayage:  $150+

Gloss Treatment:  $60

Hair Painting:  $120+

Ombre:  $150+

Double Process:  $120+

Olaplex Treatment:  $60

K18 Treatment $60+

L’oreal Metal Detox Treatment $60+

My hair color services include single process, hi-lights, balayage, gloss treatment, hair painting, ombre and post color treatments.

Kid's Haircut


From their very first haircut to their middle school graduation, kids deserve to look their very best too!

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Whenever I see Heather, I know that my hair is in good hands. No matter what I have in mind, she always approaches the task with zest, creativity, professionalism and thankfully, honesty. That’s why she’s been my only stylist for the last decade.



Heather is seriously the best hairdresser (+ an amazingly kind person) that I've ever had. And I've lived in four countries, two continents, and multiple cosmopolitan cities. I moved to the US about 10 years ago, and took me 7 years and multiple bad haircuts until I was lucky enough to meet Heather. She truly listened to me, understood exactly what I want, and, being the phenomenally precise, focused and skilled professional that she is, was able to create a beautiful haircut.

I met her in Brooklyn in the Fez Salon about 3 years ago. Then the pandemic hit and I was quite devastated at the thought that I may not be able to find her after the salons reopen. Thankfully, we both moved to NJ and we reconnected. I had the bad idea to go to a  local salon before I was able to find her and, of course, ended up with a completely uneven hairline. But once Heather came for a home visit, she was able to completely clean the damage and now I LOVE my haircut. It looks absolutely great even when I wash it, and I am seriously bad at blow drying my hair. Thank you Heather for coming, and doing your magic!!



Heather has been my hairstylist and colorist for over 10 years. I’m a Producer in Film and Television and although I have access to many award-winning, talented hairstylists, I keep coming back to Heather for her expertise, attention to detail and creative partnership. I’ve seen how her ability to connect with her clients instills a level of comfort and trust that allows an openness for trying a new look. This is exactly what she does for me. 
Most women look fabulous with grey hair but I didn’t see it for me, at least for now. After several consultations with Heather, I felt confident to go with her suggestion. We started the long process of going from dark brown to a sandy blonde to cover those grays in a fun, pretty way. I was nervous, but Heather’s calm and clear communication of what to expect helped throughout. I absolutely love the results. When Heather decided to do home visits after salons were shutdown I scheduled an appointment, albeit concerned for maintaining safety guidelines. Her professionalism was evident the moment I opened the door. Wearing a mask and gloves, she set up a clean, organized, mini salon station in my apartment. She took safety precautions seriously from the moment she walked in and throughout the appointment, leaving no evidence of her being there. Well, the only evidence being the fabulous cut and sandy blonde color she gave me!


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Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11 - 7

Proudly serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, and neighboring areas of New Jersey. By appointment only - see contact details below.

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‪Mobile: (917) 960-7724‬

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